About Me

Michael “DJ Mike Smoove” Riggins is one of Hollywood’s most sought after DJ’s. With the pleasure of working with some of Hollywood’s most elite celebrities such as, Lionel Richie, Swiss Beats, Biz Markie, MC Lyte, Trey Songs, and Antonio Cromartie (NY Jets), Dashon Goldson(Washington Redskins) to name a few. Michael’s love for music started at an early age listening to his mother’s collection of hip hop and R&B classics. This became his escape from all peer pressures of growing up. He quickly fell in love with the creativity of music and the art of DJing.

During his teenage years he focused most of his time to basketball where he was taught valuable life lessons of consistency, work ethic and perseverance. Basketball also formed a closer relationship with his father who often said he appeared to play effortlessly while on the court, earning him the moniker “Mike Smoove.” His athletic prowess became evident not only to his father, but coaches and fans alike. He kept playing throughout college and despite his talent, his heart remained in music.

After tapping into other realms of music like rapping Mike Smoove always knew DJing was his passion. At that point it was time to get his equipment. With the opportunity of learning from some of Hollywood’s best DJ’s, Mark da Spot, Tendaji Lathan and Dj Tee, Mike Smoove was ready to add DJ to his name.

DJ Mike Smoove has earned his title of one of Hollywood’s top celebrity DJ’s by spinning at some of Hollywood’s premiere venues from Playhouse, Supperclub, Project, Lure, The House of Blues and more. As well as Djing in Las Vegas, Atlanta, Miami, New York, DC, Denver and more. In 2010 DJ Mike Smoove became a Core DJ member. Core DJ’s are an “A” list group of Dj’s/producers with recognizable names such as Kid Capri, Big Tigger, and DJ Scratch. Dj Mike Smoove can often be heard on Core Dj Radio/Xm Shade45 & 102.3 KJLH in Los Angles.

In November 2013 Dj Mike Smoove was hired by Legendary Executive Producer Bob Sumner(Def Comedy Jam) to be the lead Dj for is LaffMobb Entertainment Group. Becoming a resident Dj Tuesday Nights at The Comedy Store on Sunset With Comedian Red Grant. Also booked to Dj/Host Bob’s New Tv Show on Magic Johnson’s Aspire Network titled “LaffMobb presents We Got Next”. “We Got Next” ran for 2 seasons in which Mike Smoove was Host/Dj/Music Director.

“There is no better feeling than playing a song that everybody loves.” A quote taken from DJ Mike Smoove and a mission statement he implements in every event he DJ’s for. He says the key to his job is reading the audience, doing your music research and being the liaison between the artist and listeners. DJ Mike Smoove has made his dream a reality and hopes to inspire the industry to put “The DJ” back in its rightful place to be the “LIFE” of the party and the “CORE” of the Music.